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Karen+Monty - Fort Worth, TX

Um. What a fun, personalized engagement session (in the drizzling rain, mind you)! I’m talking using the rug Karen and Monty will get married on. I’m talking confetti. I’m talking butt grabs. I’m talking poppin champagne on the sidewalk. I’m talking weird photos inside of a train station.

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Mallory+Cameron - Dallas, TX

I don’t really post black and white images. Go ahead, check my Instagram. They just aren’t there. And that it isn’t because I don’t deliver them - I definitely do. But I don’t believe every image was created to be B&W and I believe even fewer images are truly their most powerful when edited that way. But there was just something about Mallory and Cameron’s session that NEEDED black and white edits. It is like they were meant to be that way all along - before I ever took them.

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Jennifer+Kevin - Tyler, TX

I always tell my couples that they’ll never regret making their engagement session or wedding details TOO personalized. This is your wedding, your relationship. There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding or take photos, there are no rules here. But why not make everything so unique to you that your story is told in a way that can’t be duplicated? Why not celebrate all of the experiences and moments that got you to the altar? Why. The. Heck. Not.

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