Mallory+Cameron - Dallas, TX


I don’t really post black and white images. Go ahead, check my Instagram. They just aren’t there. And that it isn’t because I don’t deliver them - I definitely do. But I don’t believe every image was created to be B&W and I believe even fewer images are truly their most powerful when edited that way. But there was just something about Mallory and Cameron’s session that NEEDED black and white edits. It is like they were meant to be that way all along - before I ever took them. Too much? Maybe…but it is still true. Anywhoozles - onto the session deets.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - you’ll never regret making your photos TOO personalized to your relationship. And that was the entire goal behind this photo shoot - to honor the past that brought Mallory and Cameron to this point.

We started in Deep Ellum, which is near their home and where they spend time going out. Our next stop was a local brewery for them to drink beer and play gin because that is what they love doing together. Cameron even proposed with a set of custom playing cards (which they took out of their shadow box home to bring with them for the shoot). Cute, right? Our final and most unique location was a Sigel’s liquor store parking lot - the place where they met years before on St. Patrick’s day.

As pretty as these photos are, my favorite part about them is that no one else will have anything exactly like them. This session was 100% Mallory and Cameron through and through - them in their most natural state, doing what they love. So bring on your weird ideas, folks! I promise it is worth it.