Lauren+Rob - Dallas, TX


Even though Lauren and Rob live in New York now, they wanted to pay homage to Lauren’s hometown in their engagement photos. Lauren grew up by White Rock Lake and Texas is SO dear to her heart (all you have to do is look at the necklace hanging around her neck to know that), so we wanted to use locations that were quintessentially Dallas. And what is more Dallas than the skyline?

Our session fell right in the middle of consecutive weeks of rain in October, so I think we were all a little antsy about the weather since they were only in town for a bit to handle some wedding business. But dang, Dallas did not let us down. Not only was there no rain but it was finally cool enough for everyone to dress seasonally appropriate without having a heat stroke! I had personally grown a little tired of looking like a sweaty troll after every shoot but, luckily, it ain’t about me sooooo. Even after an impressive game of Red Rover, these two looked as fresh as a freakin daisy. Which was good, seeing as how we had another location to hit.

Our second spot, of course, was the at lake where Lauren’s parents live and where Lauren and Rob’s wedding venue was located. Focusing on personal, special places for photos is my jam and I’m SO glad that is where they wanted to end the session. Now these super hot New Yorkers have a piece of Dallas with them for always!