FIRST AND FOREMOST, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ  and that fuels pretty much everything I do. My faith helps me work harder, it helps me give more of myself, it helps me to love people well. It gives a deeper meaning to everything I do and everyone I meet. My faith is the underlying belief that my life and my work are not about me and what I can get but about what I’m able to give.


SECOND, I’m a believer in marriage. Not just the mountain peak moments and pretty smiles that get posted on Instagram. I’m a believer in the gritty, valley moments that shape us and forge bonds as humans and spouses, enabling us to conquer the world together. I believe that intentional love is even more beautiful than the gushy, romantic love that started the whole dang thing in the first place.


THIRD, I am not a wedding photographer, I am a relationship photographer. A photographer of real people, real moments, real life. I want to get to know you and the legacy you are building. I want to be in it with you, letting things unfold naturally, like there isn’t a camera in your face. I’m not here to construct your wedding day to build my portfolio, I’m here to document what is happening all around you. I want to capture something that is so deeply honest and genuine that it’ll make you laugh and cry, both today and forty years from now when you’re sitting with the grandkids. Your story is unique, your photographs should be too.


So now that you know the super deep aspects of my being, I can tell you about my surface level and more entertaining attributes:



I’ve been married to a super hot and weird guy named Ben since April 2018. He’s pretty magical and you’ll hear me talk about him a lot. I guess you could say I like him.


I am a connoisseur of “That’s what she said” jokes, preferably at highly inappropriate times.


My bad cholesterol numbers are stupidly low. Thanks veganism! (Bet ya won’t see that on any other photographer’s website).


My love languages are written words of affirmation and monster cookies. If you haven’t had a monster cookie, let me know and I’ll bless your life.


I like to describe my personal style as minimalistic, Parisian rock star. I can’t guarantee anyone else agrees with me but you always need a goal to strive towards, ya know?


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