Karen+Monty - Fort Worth, TX


Um. What a fun, personalized engagement session (in the drizzling rain, mind you)! I’m talking using the rug Karen and Monty will get married on. I’m talking confetti. I’m talking butt grabs. I’m talking poppin champagne on the sidewalk. I’m talking weird photos inside of a train station. All of Karen’s ideas focused on the life that she and Monty have built in Fort Worth, which is totally my jam. These photos are so unique to THEM! But my favorite part of the whole thing might have been how Monty was a little unsure starting out but, by the end of the session, he said how much fun he had had. Feedback like that makes a girl feel successful in loving on her clients, ya know? I can’t wait to see what these two have in store for me at their wedding this fall!