Jennifer+Kevin - Tyler, TX


I always tell my couples that they’ll never regret making their engagement session or wedding details TOO personalized. This is your wedding, your relationship. There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding or take photos, there are no rules here. But why not make everything so unique to you that your story is told in a way that can’t be duplicated? Why not celebrate all of the experiences and moments that got you to the altar? Why. The. Heck. Not.

So when Jennifer and Kevin told me that they had a few interesting ideas for their engagement session that they wanted to bounce off of me, my interest was freaking piqued. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

We started their session at their apartment so that their beloved cat, Critter, could be in photos. Y’all - no one loves a cat like these two. I HAVE a cat and can testify that I don’t love her as much as Jennifer and Kevin love Critter. Woof…that makes me sound like a bad cat mom but, in actuality, my affection is at a normal level and Jennifer and Kevin are just putting all other pet parents to shame. But anywhoozles.

After some cat cuddles and a quick shot of whiskey, we hit the road for Tyler, which is where Jennifer and Kevin went to college and where they fell in love. We stopped into their favorite restaurant for a margarita before heading down the road for some playtime at the East Texas State Fair, paying homage to J+K’s annual tradition of attending the Texas State Fair on opening day. But even after allllll of this fun, we had one more (very important) place to go.

Our final stop was the Lake Tyler Petroleum Club. Kevin worked there in high school and it was also the venue they’d chosen for their wedding. Even though the sun was setting, we had one goal and one goal only. Jennifer and Kevin wanted to jump in the lake! I can’t think of a better way to cap off such a fun, personalized photo session than literally taking the plunge. I’m so grateful that these crazy people let me celebrate all of their memories with them.