Kelsea+Emery - Mineral Wells, TX


We had a lot going against us for this shoot. Our first location didn’t pan out and our backup location had a pretty serious rain forecast. Kelsea and Emery lived in Austin at the time and were only in town for the day, so we took a chance and drove to Mineral Wells. As I drove in and saw the heavy fog, my photographer heart got so happy thinking about how dramatic and interesting these photos could be. Kelsea and Emery, on the other hand, were getting nervous about how the photos would look given the weather we were dealt. Thankfully, nothing could dampen their spirits (and a glass of wine didn’t hurt the process) and they rolled with every idea that popped into my head - including sitting amongst cacti, chilling on a moss covered boulder, standing on rocks in the middle of a lake and more. The results (at least in my opinion) were pretty dang magic. Or, to quote Kelsea, “it looked as though we jumped out of a J.K. Rowling novel.” That, my friends, is pretty high praise.