The Fosters - Austin, TX


I suck at blogging and I just realized why. I am way too emotionally invested to keep things brief. I am intimately aware of all the deeply thoughtful details that others might not notice. I see all of the quiet moments with the people who mean the most. I laugh and cry and reminisce because my couples, more often than not, become true friends. Alyssa and James epitomize this feeling for me, so settle in folks. There are a lot of photos in this one.

I met Alyssa back in high school but had not seen her in many, many years. Thanks to social media, she knew I was a photographer and reached out after James proposed. The first time that I got to interact with Alyssa (and James) during their engagement session, I knew immediately that they were both kind, thoughtful humans of emotional depth. Oh, and they were crazyyyy in love. The only time that they were not laughing together was when they were lost in their own, romantic world. Even with a camera in their faces, I swear they forgot I was there 75% of the time. They just loved being together and I can’t help but feel like they were emanating gratitude for the life they share. It was the most amazing thing to witness and to get to be a part of. And that carried over into their wedding day big time.

There was no chaos, no rushing, no stress. The air around Alyssa and James was heavy with joy and peaceful anticipation. Their prayer time together before the ceremony was quiet but powerful. Their portrait time together after the ceremony was the picture of contentment (plus acrobatic, thanks to James needing to do a handstand). Their reception was both silly and celebratory (it ended with glitter cannons, so yeah).

The Foster wedding was a special one. Just keep looking through the photos, I think you’ll be able to feel it too…

Dope vendor shoutout:

  • Venue - Vintage Villas Hotel & Events

  • Florist - Enchanted Florist

  • Dress - Watters

  • Shoes - Sam Edelman

  • HMUA - Jose Luis Salon