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The Ganserts - Tyler, TX

Oh my lanta. Y’all. I’m obsessed with these two! So much so that I third wheeled their date to the Texas State Fair the day before their wedding. They have a tradition of going every year on opening day, which happened to be on their Wedding Eve this year. So I put on some comfy shoes, grabbed my camera, and met them at the gate to celebrate marriage with vegetarian corn dogs and funnel cake beer. Best decision ever.

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Jennifer+Kevin - Tyler, TX

I always tell my couples that they’ll never regret making their engagement session or wedding details TOO personalized. This is your wedding, your relationship. There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding or take photos, there are no rules here. But why not make everything so unique to you that your story is told in a way that can’t be duplicated? Why not celebrate all of the experiences and moments that got you to the altar? Why. The. Heck. Not.

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