Robyn+Brandon - Dripping Springs, TX


When I had my first FaceTime with Robyn and Brandon, they asked if there was any chance that I’d be willing to drive to Dripping Springs fo their engagement session so that they could rock climb the wall that they climbed countless times when they were dating. Um, what?! Basically, my heart exploded at that idea because 1) I knew how much Rheimer’s Ranch meant to them as a couple and 2) I was super into rock climbing for a few years. While I was never as good as these two, the whole plan just felt so close to my heart.

As we were hiking down to the canyon wall, Brandon told me that they’d probably be my most adventurous couple yet and ohhh he was right! Not only did they rock climb in 100 degree heat and DIRECT sun with smiles on their faces (side note - how in the world did Robyn manage to stay looking so cool and fresh?! I was a sweat monster and I wasn’t even climbing), but they ended their session by walking into the river and splashing each other. But beyond how unique and fun this session was, the kindness and humor and friendship that Robyn and Brandon shared was by FAR my favorite part!

Stay tuned for their wedding in late December. Hint - they may or may not be serving Whataburger.