The Pathaks - Fort Worth, TX


Oh my gosh - this is one of my new favorite weddings. Do I say that a lot? Because I really, really mean it. How could I NOT love this wedding? The personalized detail list is extensive!

John and Genesis had two major goals - honor God and honor their family heritages (his family is from Nepal, hers is from Mexico). Everything was colorful and vibrant and focused towards those two goals. Gen wore a traditional Nepali dress that she bought when John proposed in Nepal (at Everest base camp! Because they are bosses), John’s tie clip had Everest etched on the front and the coordinates engraved on the back, the reception (and cake!) was decorated with banners that were made in Mexico and there was a Mariachi band to entertain guest. During the ceremony, the unity component was SO unique with John and Gen mixing soil from Nepal, Mexico and Israel to represent their separate lives coming together and how Christ is the 3rd person in their marriage. They also served each other by washing each others’ feet and partook in communion together. OH - and they surprised their parents during the reception with a Nepali tradition that they reversed. Typically, the parents of the couple honor the couple by placing scarves around their neck, but John and Gen decided to honor their parents with that tradition instead of receiving it. SO much thoughtfulness, so much personalization, so much beauty and heart.

They whole day was full of tears and mega-watt smiles and gratitude and dancing emphatically to Dancing Queen (more than once!) and personal sized fans because it was like 90 degrees. We shot for eight hours but left feeling full and refreshed simply because of the atmosphere we were immersed in. So yes - this is now one of my ultra-favorite weddings! I hope that, as you look through the photos, you’ll understand why.

Dope vendor shoutout:

  • Venue - Brik Venue

  • Hair - Tousled Studio

  • Makeup - Tousled Studio

  • DJ - DJ Connection

  • Catering - Texas Catering

  • Cake - The London Baker

  • Popsicles - Pop Star