The Bells - Dallas, TX


I know I say this multiple times each year but this might be my new favorite wedding! And it isn’t because the decor was stunning (it was) and it wasn’t because separate time was set aside for photos of Hannah alone (yes and amen). It wasn’t dancing the Horah (fun but terrifying every.single.time) or the bubble gun exit (why did it take 100 weddings for this to happen?!). It wasn’t even that Hannah and Justin brought Chambongs all the way from Michigan so they could keep an inside joke running with their friends (they did and it was glorious).

The reason I am obsessed with this wedding is because of Hannah and Justin. Their kindness and joy made every part of the day fun, relaxed and exciting. Heck, during the MOH’s and Best Man’s speeches, hearing them describe Justin and Hannah’s character made me ask my 2nd shooter “Can they be my friends? And my doctors if I agree to go to Michigan for my appointments?”. These two are the type of people who make you feel good just by being near them.

At the end of the night, I overheard the newly married couple ask the planner if they could have another wedding the next day because they had such an amazing day. And I swear to Moses, I would’ve done it all over again if that was possible! Instead, I relived every moment and grinned like an idiot while I edited. And grinned like an idiot again while prepping this post. And I’ll keep on grinning like an idiot every time I hear the word Chambong…which I hope is much, much more often.

Dope vendor shoutout:

  • Venue - Brake & Clutch Warehouse + Temple Emanu-El

  • Planner - Stardust Weddings

  • Florist - Celebrate Dallas

  • Dress - Lovers Society

  • Suit -GenTux

  • Hair - Tease to Please

  • Makeup - Tease to Please

  • DJ - Le Force Entertainment

  • Catering - CN Catering

  • Cake - Frosted Art Bakery