Tara+Cameron - New York City, NY


The week of this session, it was gross and raining in New York everyday BUT, magically on the day we were supposed to shoot, the sun was shining allllll day and the temps were in the 70s. I mean, it was even a little too warm for this Texas girl to be walking in for miles. And miles. But, of course, during our 20 minute subway ride to get to Tara and Cameron’s apartment, the clouds rolled in and the temps dropped. As we were walking to the location, I quickly texted Tara that we were going to nix our first location (a few blocks away) because the heavy clouds would take away the sun much earlier than I planned and that we’d be coming straight to their place to get started ASAP.

We spent our hour up on the rooftop of their building which was sketchily accessed through a small window that had to be held open by a paint can. But y’all, some of the best things are hard to get to and the view was more than worth it! The wind was blowing, the sun was setting, the temps were dropping - and these two were dang troopers through it all. They even invited us in afterwards to try some fancy, schmancy bourbon (which my husband super appreciated) and made us feel so welcome and at home.

After a bit, we had to grab a train to meet a friend and, on our walk to the station, it started to rain. It all felt like the most perfect timing for such a wonderful New York session and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.