Lydia+Abel - Dallas, TX


Do you know those people whose presence just leaves you feeling refreshed and joyful? Lydia and Abel are those people. Since Lydia is in grad school in Austin, I didn’t get to meet them in person until their engagement session but the moment that I got to hug their necks, I fell for these people. Hawrd. Their laughter is totally infectious and you can see how much they respect each other and honor their commitment. Life giving, right?

Lydia’s main visual goal for the session was a field of tall grass. We had a serious rain forecast (basically every October session was under threat of being rained out) and the field was soggy from rain in the early part of the day…and rain the day before. But lo and behold, no rain during our actual time together and Lydia couldn’t care less about getting her dress dirty! Holla.

For the second location, Lydia and Abel were having some trouble deciding what direction they wanted to go, so they asked me to SURPRISE them. That was definitely a first! Of course I accepted the challenge and I filled my super hot husband in on the request while we were out on a walk around our little neighborhood. He had the GENIUS idea of using the State Fair grounds (literally 2 minutes from our loft), which are iconically Dallas, super architecturally interesting, AND have enough covering so that we could still shoot with natural light should the rain decide to roll in. Plus, I knew Lydia was planning on wearing a traditional outfit for our 2nd stop and my heart got super happy thinking about her colorful outfit against the neutral stones of the building. So many wins!

And, as you’ll see int he last two images, we also made a quick stop for pie at the very end of our evening together because, welp, they love pie. And I love pie. Everyone loves pie! Pie.