The Hieberts - Galveston, TX


Remember how I have that problem of being too emotionally invested in my couples so my blogs are way too long? Yeah…that’s still a thing over here as I get swept back to Kelsea and Emery’s beautiful, thoughtful wedding in Galveston. I had no chill when picking photos, so I’ll do my best to keep the word portion of this post brief. I’ll try, y’all. I’ll try.

Ben (the husband) and I got to be with Kelsea and Emery for their whole wedding weekend. We photographed their rehearsal dinner (so. many. tears), grabbed cocktails at their favorite bar, and started their Wedding Day by hunting for shells on the beach at sunrise.

The whole experience was nothing short of sentimental magic, which is my favorite type of magic BY FAR. For the styled detail photos, Kelsea handed me ticket stubs from the first concert they attended, a note that Emery had written her on a paper bag for her birthday once, and some shells she found on the beach. She told me that these things were simple but they were the things that mattered. Cue more tears. The florist was a lifelong family friend, Kelsea’s necklace was made from her grandmother’s pearls, the ring bearer was Kelsea and Emery’s dog, the flower girl was Kelsea’s deceased grandfather’s dog, the cake knife was from Kelsea’s parents’ wedding. Y’all, I could go on and on with this list. Too emotionally invested, yeah?

So if I HAD to pick a favorite moment, which is actually pretty dang hard, I would say that it was doing their portraits on the beach after the wedding. And not just because they look cool and fun and adventurous. It is because that beach is where Kelsea and Emery fell in love in college. That is where they spent their time together, where they got to know each other, where every piece of the puzzle fell into place. With all of the people waiting for them at their reception, Kelsea and Emery just wanted to go spend time together in the place that felt like home. Those types of moments are always going to be my favorite. Every time.

Dope vendor shoutout:

  • Venue - Garten Verein

  • Planner - Platinum Weddings and Events

  • Florist - Lee Warth Floral Design

  • Dress - Second Summer Bridal

  • Cake - Cakes by Jula

  • DJ - Darker Side DJs